Each year our grapes are vulnerable to the seasons and human management. The weather will affect fruit quality, quantity, ripeness and flavour, making every vintage as unique as you or me.

Our climate has a maritime influence. The rain shadow of the Southerns Alps offers westerly protection to the Waitaki Valley.  In Summer, hot days, are tempered by the cooling effects of afternoon easterly sea breezes from the South Pacific.  Autumns are long and dry, followed by cold winters. The climate allows the Waitaki Valley region to produce a wide range of wine styles.

As a boutique vineyard, Little Domett’s grapes are hand pruned and harvested with the help of fellow wine lovers in the form of family and friends.  Our long warm autumns lead to one of the longest ripening periods in NZ, with harvest occurring in April/May.

Our wines are crafted in partnership with award-winning winemaker Anthony Worch of Alexandra Vintners.  Antony’s overriding approach is for elegance with textures. A native of Alsace in France, Anthony has the innate ability to allow the wines to express themselves with minimal intervention.